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Windows XP DLL File Information - certcli.dll

The following DLL report was generated by automatic DLL script that scanned and loaded all DLL files in the system32 directory of Windows XP, extracted the information from them, and then saved it into HTML reports. If you want to view a report of another DLL, go to the main page of this Web site.


General Information

File Description: Microsoft Certificate Services Client  
File Version: 5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2113)  
Company: Microsoft Corporation  
Product Name: Microsoft Windows Operating System  
DLL popularity Very Low - 4 other DLL files in system32 directory are statically linked to this file.
File Size: 190 KB
Total Number of Exported Functions: 141
Total Number of Exported Functions With Names: 81

Section Headers

Name Virtual Address Raw Data Size % of File Characteristics Section Contains...
.text 0x00001000 155,136 Bytes 79.7% Read, Execute Code
.orpc 0x00027000 512 Bytes 0.3% Read, Execute Code
.data 0x00028000 7,680 Bytes 3.9% Write, Read Initialized Data
.rsrc 0x0002a000 22,528 Bytes 11.6% Read Initialized Data
.reloc 0x00030000 7,680 Bytes 3.9% Read, Discardable Initialized Data

Static Linking

certcli.dll is statically linked to the following files:


This means that when certcli.dll is loaded, the above files are automatically loaded too. If one of these files is corrupted or missing, certcli.dll won't be loaded.


List of files that are statically linked to certcli.dll


This means that when one of the above files is loaded, certcli.dll will be loaded too. (The opposite of the previous 'Static Linking' section)


General Resources Information

Resource Type Number of Items Total Size % of File
Icons 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Animated Icons 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Cursors 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Animated Cursors 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Bitmaps 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
AVI Files 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Dialog-Boxes 1 220 Bytes 0.1%
HTML Related Files 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Menus 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Strings 223 11,796 Bytes 6.1%
Type Libraries 1 8,080 Bytes 4.2%
Manifest 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
All Others 1 920 Bytes 0.5%
Total 226 21,016 Bytes 10.8%

Icons in this file

No icons found in this file


Cursors in this file

No cursors found in this file


Dialog-boxes list (up to 200 dialogs)

No dialog resources in this file.


String resources in this dll (up to 200 strings)

String ID String Text
1 CertConfig Class
2 CertGetConfig Class
3 CertRequest Class
5 CertServerPolicy Class
6 CertServerExit Class
101 Request ID
102 Binary Request
103 Old Certificate
104 Request Attributes
105 Request Type
106 Request Flags
107 Request Status
108 Request Status Code
109 Request Disposition
110 Request Disposition Message
111 Request Submission Date
112 Request Resolution Date
113 Revocation Date
114 Effective Revocation Date
115 Revocation Reason
116 Requester Name
117 Requester Address
118 Request Distinguished Name
119 Request Binary Name
120 Request Name Type
121 Request Country/Region
122 Request Organization
123 Request Organization Unit
124 Request Common Name
125 Request City
126 Request State
127 Request Title
128 Request First Name
129 Request Initials
130 Request Last Name
131 Request Domain Component
132 Request Email Address
133 Request Street Address
134 Issued Request ID
135 Binary Certificate
136 Certificate Hash
137 Certificate Type
138 Serial Number
139 Issuer Name ID
140 Certificate Effective Date
141 Certificate Expiration Date
142 Binary Public Key
143 Public Key Algorithm
144 Public Key Algorithm Parameters
145 Issued Distinguished Name
146 Issued Binary Name
147 Issued Name Type
148 Issued Country/Region
149 Issued Organization
150 Issued Organization Unit
151 Issued Common Name
152 Issued City
153 Issued State
154 Issued Title
155 Issued First Name
156 Issued Initials
157 Issued Last Name
158 Issued Domain Component
159 Issued Email Address
160 Issued Street Address
161 Issued Unstructured Name
162 Issued Unstructured Address
163 Request Unstructured Name
164 Request Unstructured Address
165 Request Device Serial Number
166 Issued Device Serial Number
167 Certificate Services share
168 Issued SMIME Capabilities
169 Extension Request ID
170 Extension Name
171 Extension Flags
172 Extension Raw Value
173 Attribute Request ID
174 Attribute Name
175 Attribute Value
176 CRL Row ID
177 CRL Number
178 CRL Minimum Base Number
179 CRL Name ID
180 CRL Count
181 CRL This Update
182 CRL Next Update
183 CRL This Publish
184 CRL Next Publish
185 CRL Effective
186 CRL Propagation Complete
187 CRL Raw CRL
188 File Version
189 Product Version
190 Exit Module Count
191 Exit Module Description
192 Policy Module Description
193 CA Name
194 Sanitized CA Name
195 Shared Folder
196 Parent CA
197 CA Type
198 CA Certificate Count
199 CA Certificate
200 CA Certificate Chain
201 CA Exchange Certificate Count
202 CA Exchange Certificate
203 CA Exchange Certificate Chain
204 Base CRL
205 Delta CRL
206 CA Certificate State
207 CRL State
208 Maximum CA PropId
209 Issued Subject Key Identifier
210 Error
211 Unexpected method call sequence.
212 Expected INF file section name
213 Bad INF file section name line
214 INF file section name too long
215 INF file syntax error
216 Wrong INF file type
217 INF file section name not found
218 INF file line not found
219 Archived Key
220 Key Recovery Agent Hashes
221 DNS Name
222 Certificate Template
223 Signer Policies
224 Signer Application Policies
225 Template Enrollment Flags
226 Template General Flags
227 Public Key Length
228 Used KRA Certificate Count
229 KRA Certificate Count
230 KRA Certificate
231 KRA Certificate State
232 Role Separation Enabled
233 Advanced Server
234 CRL Last Published
235 CRL Publish Attempts
236 CRL Publish Flags
237 CRL Publish Status Code
238 CRL Publish Error Information
239 Caller Name
240 Certificate Templates
241 Base CRL Publish Status
242 Delta CRL Publish Status
243 CA Certificate Chain with CRLs
244 CA Exchange Certificate Chain with CRLs
245 User Principal Name
246 Possible data alignment fault.
247 CA Certificate verification status code
900 User
901 Authenticated Session
902 Smartcard Logon
903 Basic EFS
904 Administrator
905 EFS Recovery Agent
906 Code Signing
907 Trust List Signing
908 Computer
909 Domain Controller
910 Web Server
912 Root Certification Authority
913 Subordinate Certification Authority
914 Enrollment Agent
915 Smartcard User
917 User Signature Only
919 The value for the following key is incorrect in the INF file. It should be a non-zero numeric value.
924 The value for RenewalValidityPeriodUnits is incorrect in CAPolicy.inf. It should be a non-zero numeric value.
925 IPSEC (Offline request)
926 The value for RenewalValidityPeriod is incorrect in CAPolicy.inf. It should be one of the following: Years, Months, Weeks or Days (in English).
927 Router (Offline request)
929 Open Request File
930 Request Files and Text Files (*.req; *.txt)|*.req;*.txt|Certificate Files(*.cer; *.crt)|*.cer;*.crt|All Files (*.*)|*.*||
931 Please enter a computer name.
932 Please make sure there is a running CA on the computer.
933 There is no matched CA on the computer. This might be caused by the computer being offline. Please contact the system adminstrator or select a different CA.
934 Cannot ping the selected CA. Please make sure the CA is running.
935 Exchange Enrollment Agent (Offline request)
936 Exchange User
937 Exchange Signature Only
938 There are no published CAs available. Please contact the system adminstrator or select a CA by name.
939 Enrollment Agent (Computer)
940 Save Request File
941 CEP Encryption
942 Built Policy
943 Policy Element
944 Policy Statement Extension
945 Policy inf missing section or key
946 Opened Policy inf
947 Cannot open Policy inf
948 Begin
950 Manage CA
951 Issue and Manage Certificates
952 Manage Audit Logs
953 Backup and Restore
954 Read
955 Request Certificates

COM Classes/Interfaces

Name Type Description
CCertConfig CoClass CertConfig Class  
CCertGetConfig CoClass CertGetConfig Class  
CCertRequest CoClass CertRequest Class  
CCertServerExit CoClass CertServerExit Class  
CCertServerPolicy CoClass CertServerPolicy Class  
ICertConfig Dispatch ICertConfig Interface  
ICertConfig2 Dispatch ICertConfig2 Interface  
ICertGetConfig Dispatch ICertGetConfig Interface  
ICertRequest Dispatch ICertRequest Interface  
ICertRequest2 Dispatch ICertRequest2 Interface  
ICertServerExit Dispatch ICertServerExit Interface  
ICertServerPolicy Dispatch ICertServerPolicy Interface  

Exported Functions List

The following functions are exported by this dll:
CAAccessCheck CAAccessCheckEx CAAddCACertificateType
CACertTypeAccessCheck CACertTypeAccessCheckEx CACertTypeGetSecurity
CACertTypeQuery CACertTypeRegisterQuery CACertTypeSetSecurity
CACertTypeUnregisterQuery CACloneCertType CACloseCA
CACloseCertType CACountCAs CACountCertTypes
CACreateAutoEnrollmentObjectEx CACreateCertType CACreateLocalAutoEnrollmentObject
CACreateNewCA CADeleteCA CADeleteCertType
CADeleteLocalAutoEnrollmentObject CAEnumCertTypes CAEnumCertTypesEx
CAEnumCertTypesForCA CAEnumCertTypesForCAEx CAEnumFirstCA
CAEnumNextCA CAEnumNextCertType CAFindByCertType
CAFindByIssuerDN CAFindByName CAFindCertTypeByName
CAFreeCAProperty CAFreeCertTypeExtensions CAFreeCertTypeProperty
CAGetCACertificate CAGetCAExpiration CAGetCAFlags
CAGetCAProperty CAGetCASecurity CAGetCertTypeExpiration
CAGetCertTypeExtensions CAGetCertTypeExtensionsEx CAGetCertTypeFlags
CAGetCertTypeFlagsEx CAGetCertTypeKeySpec CAGetCertTypeProperty
CAGetCertTypePropertyEx CAGetDN CAInstallDefaultCertType
CAIsCertTypeCurrent CAOIDAdd CAOIDCreateNew
CAOIDDelete CAOIDFreeLdapURL CAOIDFreeProperty
CAOIDGetLdapURL CAOIDGetProperty CAOIDSetProperty
CARemoveCACertificateType CASetCACertificate CASetCAExpiration
CASetCAFlags CASetCAProperty CASetCASecurity
CASetCertTypeExpiration CASetCertTypeExtension CASetCertTypeFlags
CASetCertTypeFlagsEx CASetCertTypeKeySpec CASetCertTypeProperty
CASetCertTypePropertyEx CAUpdateCA CAUpdateCertType
DllCanUnloadNow DllGetClassObject DllInstall
DllRegisterServer DllUnregisterServer GetProxyDllInfo


Imported Functions List

The following functions are imported by this dll: