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Windows XP DLL File Information - danim.dll

The following DLL report was generated by automatic DLL script that scanned and loaded all DLL files in the system32 directory of Windows XP, extracted the information from them, and then saved it into HTML reports. If you want to view a report of another DLL, go to the main page of this Web site.


General Information

File Description: DirectX Media -- DirectAnimation  
File Version:  
Company: Microsoft Corporation  
Product Name: Microsoft Windows(TM) Operating System  
DLL popularity Very Low - There is no any other DLL in system32 directory that is statically linked to this file.
File Size: 1,029 KB
Total Number of Exported Functions: 594
Total Number of Exported Functions With Names: 594

Section Headers

Name Virtual Address Raw Data Size % of File Characteristics Section Contains...
.text 0x00001000 851,968 Bytes 80.8% Read, Execute Code
.data 0x000d1000 6,656 Bytes 0.6% Write, Read Initialized Data
.rsrc 0x000d6000 132,096 Bytes 12.5% Read Initialized Data
.reloc 0x000f7000 62,464 Bytes 5.9% Read, Discardable Initialized Data

Static Linking

danim.dll is statically linked to the following files:


This means that when danim.dll is loaded, the above files are automatically loaded too. If one of these files is corrupted or missing, danim.dll won't be loaded.


General Resources Information

Resource Type Number of Items Total Size % of File
Icons 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Animated Icons 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Cursors 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Animated Cursors 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Bitmaps 3 696 Bytes 0.1%
AVI Files 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Dialog-Boxes 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
HTML Related Files 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Menus 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Strings 101 9,182 Bytes 0.9%
Type Libraries 1 116,644 Bytes 11.1%
Manifest 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
All Others 3 3,889 Bytes 0.4%
Total 108 130,411 Bytes 12.4%

Icons in this file

No icons found in this file


Cursors in this file

No cursors found in this file


Dialog-boxes list (up to 200 dialogs)

No dialog resources in this file.


String resources in this dll (up to 200 strings)

String ID String Text
200 Could not access the file '%1'.
201 Tried to invert singular transform.
202 An operation caused a stack overflow.
203 An operation attempted to divide by zero.
204 Out of Memory.
206 The user aborted the current operation.
207 An invalid argument was passed to the function.
208 File '%1' is corrupt or an invalid type.
209 Could not open file '%1'.
210 Internal Error.
211 Wrong number of elements in matrix specification
212 Must be at least 1 element in array.
213 An invalid type was passed to the function.
214 Unable to find a decoder for media file '%1'.
215 Decoding of media file '%1' failed.
216 The MIME type for '%1' could not be identified.
217 Access denied to %1.
218 Sharing violation on %1.
219 The data is not available.
220 There was an error accessing the registry.
221 Feature has not yet been implemented.
222 DirectAnimation requires a version of DirectX later than version two.
223 An unexpected error occurred during rendering.
224 An unexpected error occurred during tick.
225 An unexpected error occurred.
226 An error occurred during display change.
300 The extension '%1' is not supported by import.
301 RemoveRunningBvr id: %1!d! is invalid.
302 Unknown scripting language requested.
303 Scripting string too long -- %1!d! chars.
304 An unexpected error occurred during rendering.
305 Value must be constant
306 Invalid image device
307 View - Target not set
400 %1 mismatched types %2 vs. %3
401 %1 index out of bound(%2!d!) : %3!d!
402 Tuple length requires tuple behavior
403 Behavior already initialized
404 Can only trigger an AppTriggeredEvent
405 Cannot perform user data
406 Cannot start transient constant behavior
407 Transient constant behavior value gone
408 Cannot switch finalized switcher
409 Attempting to switch a non-Switcher or improperly-typed behavior
410 Behavior must be initialized before starting
411 Tried to extract a number from a non-constant behavior
412 Tried to extract a string from a non-constant behavior
413 Tried to extract a boolean from a non-constant behavior
414 Unexpected error occurred inside of an untilNotify callback
415 Must return constant value from the behavior hook
416 Importation failed: %1
417 A circular behavior detected
418 Non constant duration
419 Cannot Add/Remove Element to non-changeable array
420 Array Element Removed
421 Array AddElement illegal flag value
422 Array Add/RemoveElement type mismatch
500 Unable to decompress file '%1'.
501 VRML files are not supported.
507 Couldn't create Direct3DRM interface.
508 'At' and 'From' arguments to LookAtFrom mustn't be identical.
509 Up-vector mustn't be parallel to the line of sight.
510 Non-invertible camera transformation.
511 Camera focal distance <= near clip plane.
512 Invalid D3DRM Texture passed in.
513 Too few elements in non-empty trimesh indices array (minimum 7).
514 %1 non-indexed trimesh vertex position elements given for %2 triangles (expected %3).
515 %1 non-indexed trimesh vertex normal elements given for %2 triangles (expected %3).
516 %1 non-indexed trimesh vertex UV elements given for %2 triangles (expected %3).
517 Trimesh index offset (%1) out of bounds of indices array. Indices array too small or bad step/stride for vertex positions.
518 Trimesh index offset (%1) out of bounds of indices array. Indices array too small or bad step/stride for vertex normals.
519 Trimesh index offset (%1) out of bounds of indices array. Indices array too small or bad step/stride for vertex UVs.
520 Vertex position index (%1) out of bounds. Bad element in indices array.
521 Vertex normal index (%1) out of bounds. Bad element in indices array.
522 Vertex UV index (%1) out of bounds. Bad element in indices array.
523 Non-integer element encountered in indices array.
600 %1!d! - color mode unsupported.
601 Opacity not supported at this bit depth.
602 IBitmapEffect::GetSupportedFormatsCount failed
603 IBitmapEffect::GetSupportedFormats failed
604 Not enough points in point list (< 2)
605 Not enough points in point list (< 3)
606 Not enough points in point list (< 4)
607 Input arrays must be the same size
608 Use of same movie value on multiple views not supported
609 Invalid LineStyle
610 An image surface is busy
611 Rotate, shear, or texture of DXTransform image output not yet supported
700 Could not load midi file: %1
800 Specifed degree %1, %2 knots and %3 points. #knots != #pts + degree - 1
801 Non-monotonically increasing knot vector.
802 Spline must be 1, 2, or 3.
803 Differing numbers of weights and control points.
900 Path extrusion failed.
1000 DXTransform initialization failed. Check number and types of the inputs.
1001 This DXTransform requires DirectX 6 or greater
1002 A runtime component, DxTransform %1 is missing from your machine
1003 Unable to get CLSID
1200 Opening file: %s
1201 Downloading file: %s
1202 Downloading file: %s (%d%%)

COM Classes/Interfaces

Name Type Description
DAArray CoClass DirectAnimation Array Behavior Object  
DABbox2 CoClass DirectAnimation Bbox2 Behavior Object  
DABbox3 CoClass DirectAnimation Bbox3 Behavior Object  
DABehavior CoClass DirectAnimation Behavior Object  
DABoolean CoClass DirectAnimation Boolean Behavior Object  
DACamera CoClass DirectAnimation Camera Behavior Object  
DAColor CoClass DirectAnimation Color Behavior Object  
DADashStyle CoClass DirectAnimation DashStyle Behavior Object  
DAEndStyle CoClass DirectAnimation EndStyle Behavior Object  
DAEvent CoClass DirectAnimation Event Behavior Object  
DAFontStyle CoClass DirectAnimation FontStyle Behavior Object  
DAGeometry CoClass DirectAnimation Geometry Behavior Object  
DAImage CoClass DirectAnimation Image Behavior Object  
DAImportationResult CoClass OBSOLETE: DirectAnimation ImportationResult Object  
DAJoinStyle CoClass DirectAnimation JoinStyle Behavior Object  
DALineStyle CoClass DirectAnimation LineStyle Behavior Object  
DAMatte CoClass DirectAnimation Matte Behavior Object  
DAMicrophone CoClass DirectAnimation Microphone Behavior Object  
DAMontage CoClass DirectAnimation Montage Behavior Object  
DANumber CoClass DirectAnimation Number Behavior Object  
DAPair CoClass DirectAnimation Pair Behavior Object  
DAPath2 CoClass DirectAnimation Path2 Behavior Object  
DAPickableResult CoClass OBSOLETE: DirectAnimation PickableResult Object  
DAPoint2 CoClass DirectAnimation Point2 Behavior Object  
DAPoint3 CoClass DirectAnimation Point3 Behavior Object  
DASound CoClass DirectAnimation Sound Behavior Object  
DAStatics CoClass DirectAnimation Statics Object  
DAString CoClass DirectAnimation String Behavior Object  
DATransform2 CoClass DirectAnimation Transform2 Behavior Object  
DATransform3 CoClass DirectAnimation Transform3 Behavior Object  
DATuple CoClass DirectAnimation Tuple Behavior Object  
DAUserData CoClass DirectAnimation Userdata Behavior Object  
DAVector2 CoClass DirectAnimation Vector2 Behavior Object  
DAVector3 CoClass DirectAnimation Vector3 Behavior Object  
DAView CoClass DirectAnimation View Object  
DAViewerControl CoClass DirectAnimation ActiveX windowless viewer class  
DAViewerControlWindowed CoClass DirectAnimation ActiveX windowed viewer class  
IBindCtx Interface  
IDA2Array Dispatch DirectAnimation Array Behavior  
IDA2Behavior Dispatch DirectAnimation Behavior2  
IDA2Color Dispatch DirectAnimation Color Behavior  
IDA2Event Dispatch DirectAnimation Event Behavior  
IDA2FontStyle Dispatch DirectAnimation FontStyle Behavior  
IDA2Geometry Dispatch DirectAnimation Geometry Behavior  
IDA2Image Dispatch DirectAnimation Image Behavior  
IDA2LineStyle Dispatch DirectAnimation LineStyle Behavior  
IDA2Statics Dispatch DirectAnimation Statics2  
IDA2View Dispatch DirectAnimation View2  
IDA2ViewerControl Dispatch  
IDA2ViewerControlWindowed Dispatch  
IDA3Array Dispatch DirectAnimation Array3  
IDA3Geometry Dispatch DirectAnimation Geometry Behavior  
IDA3Image Dispatch DirectAnimation Image Behavior  
IDA3Statics Dispatch DirectAnimation Statics3  
IDA3View Dispatch DirectAnimation View3  
IDA3ViewerControl Dispatch  
IDA3ViewerControlWindowed Dispatch  
IDAArray Dispatch DirectAnimation Array Behavior  
IDABbox2 Dispatch DirectAnimation Bbox2 Behavior  
IDABbox3 Dispatch DirectAnimation Bbox3 Behavior  
IDABehavior Dispatch DirectAnimation Behavior  
IDABoolean Dispatch DirectAnimation Boolean Behavior  
IDABvrHook Dispatch DirectAnimation Bvr Callback  
IDACamera Dispatch DirectAnimation Camera Behavior  
IDAColor Dispatch DirectAnimation Color Behavior  
IDADXTransformResult Dispatch DirectAnimation DXTransform Application Result  
IDADashStyle Dispatch DirectAnimation DashStyle Behavior  
IDADrawingSurface Dispatch DirectAnimation DrawingSurface interface  
IDAEndStyle Dispatch DirectAnimation EndStyle Behavior  
IDAEvent Dispatch DirectAnimation Event Behavior  
IDAFontStyle Dispatch DirectAnimation FontStyle Behavior  
IDAGeometry Dispatch DirectAnimation Geometry Behavior  
IDAImage Dispatch DirectAnimation Image Behavior  
IDAImport Dispatch DirectAnimation Import Interface  
IDAImportationResult Dispatch DirectAnimation Importation Result  
IDAJoinStyle Dispatch DirectAnimation JoinStyle Behavior  
IDALineStyle Dispatch DirectAnimation LineStyle Behavior  
IDAMatte Dispatch DirectAnimation Matte Behavior  
IDAMicrophone Dispatch DirectAnimation Microphone Behavior  
IDAModifiableBehavior Dispatch DirectAnimation Modifiable Behavior Interface  
IDAMontage Dispatch DirectAnimation Montage Behavior  
IDANumber Dispatch DirectAnimation Number Behavior  
IDAPair Dispatch DirectAnimation Pair Behavior  
IDAPath2 Dispatch DirectAnimation Path2 Behavior  
IDAPickableResult Dispatch DirectAnimation Pickable Structure  
IDAPoint2 Dispatch DirectAnimation Point2 Behavior  
IDAPoint3 Dispatch DirectAnimation Point3 Behavior  
IDAPreferences Dispatch DirectAnimation View Preferences  
IDASite Dispatch DirectAnimation Site interface  
IDASound Dispatch DirectAnimation Sound Behavior  
IDAStatics Dispatch DirectAnimation Statics  
IDAString Dispatch DirectAnimation String Behavior  
IDATransform2 Dispatch DirectAnimation Transform2 Behavior  
IDATransform3 Dispatch DirectAnimation Transform3 Behavior  
IDATuple Dispatch DirectAnimation Tuple Behavior  
IDAUntilNotifier Dispatch DirectAnimation Until Notify Callback  
IDAUserData Dispatch DirectAnimation Userdata Behavior  
IDAVector2 Dispatch DirectAnimation Vector2 Behavior  
IDAVector3 Dispatch DirectAnimation Vector3 Behavior  
IDAView Dispatch DirectAnimation View  
IDAViewSite Dispatch DirectAnimation View Site interface  
IDAViewerControl Dispatch DirectAnimation ActiveX viewer interface  
IDAViewerControlWindowed Dispatch DirectAnimation ActiveX windowed viewer interface  
IEnumMoniker Interface  
IEnumString Interface  
IEnumUnknown Interface  
IMoniker Interface  
IOleClientSite Interface  
IOleContainer Interface  
IParseDisplayName Interface  
IPersist Interface  
IPersistStream Interface  
IRunningObjectTable Interface  
ISequentialStream Interface  
IStream Interface  
_IDAViewEvents Dispatch DirectAnimation View Object Events  
_IDAViewerControlEvents Dispatch Direct Animation ActiveX Control Events  

Exported Functions List

The following functions are exported by this dll:
bool __stdcall CRAcquireGCLock(void)
bool __stdcall CRAddBvrToRun(class CRView *,class CRBvr *,bool,long *)
bool __stdcall CRAddRefGC(void *)
bool __stdcall CRAddSite(class CRSite *)
bool __stdcall CRBvrToCOM(class CRBvr *,struct _GUID const &,void * *)
bool __stdcall CRConnect(struct HINSTANCE__ *)
bool __stdcall CRDisconnect(struct HINSTANCE__ *)
bool __stdcall CRDoGC(void)
bool __stdcall CRExtract(class CRBoolean *)
bool __stdcall CRGetCompositeDirectlyToTarget(class CRView *)
bool __stdcall CRGetDDD3DRM(class CRView *,struct IUnknown * *,struct IUnknown * *)
bool __stdcall CRGetPreference(class CRView *,unsigned short *,struct tagVARIANT *)
bool __stdcall CRGetRMDevice(class CRView *,struct IUnknown * *,unsigned long *)
bool __stdcall CRImportCancel(class CRBvr *)
bool __stdcall CRInit(class CRBvr *,class CRBvr *)
bool __stdcall CRIsConnected(struct HINSTANCE__ *)
bool __stdcall CRIsConstantBvr(class CRBvr *)
bool __stdcall CRIsImport(class CRBvr *)
bool __stdcall CRIsModifiableBvr(class CRBvr *)
bool __stdcall CRIsReady(class CRBvr *,bool)
bool __stdcall CROnFocus(class CRView *,bool)
bool __stdcall CROnKey(class CRView *,double,long,bool,unsigned char)
bool __stdcall CROnMouseButton(class CRView *,double,long,long,unsigned char,bool,unsigned char)
bool __stdcall CROnMouseLeave(class CRView *,double)
bool __stdcall CROnMouseMove(class CRView *,double,long,long,unsigned char)
bool __stdcall CRPauseModel(class CRView *)
bool __stdcall CRPropagate(class CRView *)
bool __stdcall CRPutPreference(class CRView *,unsigned short *,struct tagVARIANT)
bool __stdcall CRReleaseGC(void *)
bool __stdcall CRReleaseGCLock(void)
bool __stdcall CRRemoveElement(class CRArray *,long)
bool __stdcall CRRemoveRunningBvr(class CRView *,long)
bool __stdcall CRRemoveSite(class CRSite *)
bool __stdcall CRRender(class CRView *)
bool __stdcall CRRepaint(class CRView *,long,long,long,long)
bool __stdcall CRResumeModel(class CRView *)
bool __stdcall CRSetBvrAsProperty(class CRDXTransformResult *,unsigned short const *,class CRBvr *)
bool __stdcall CRSetClipRect(class CRView *,long,long,long,long)
bool __stdcall CRSetCompositeDirectlyToTarget(class CRView *,bool)
bool __stdcall CRSetDC(class CRView *,struct HDC__ *)
bool __stdcall CRSetDirectDrawSurface(class CRView *,struct IUnknown *)
bool __stdcall CRSetElement(class CRArray *,long,class CRBvr *,long)
bool __stdcall CRSetImportPriority(class CRBvr *,float)
bool __stdcall CRSetServiceProvider(class CRView *,struct IServiceProvider *)
bool __stdcall CRSetSite(class CRView *,class CRViewSite *)
bool __stdcall CRSetViewport(class CRView *,long,long,long,long)
bool __stdcall CRSetWindow(class CRView *,struct HWND__ *)
bool __stdcall CRStartModel(class CRView *,class CRImage *,class CRSound *,double,unsigned long,bool *)
bool __stdcall CRStopModel(class CRView *)
bool __stdcall CRSwitchTo(class CRBvr *,class CRBvr *,bool,unsigned long,double)
bool __stdcall CRSwitchToBool(class CRBoolean *,bool)
bool __stdcall CRSwitchToNumber(class CRNumber *,double)
bool __stdcall CRSwitchToString(class CRString *,unsigned short *)
bool __stdcall CRTick(class CRView *,double,bool *)
bool __stdcall CRTriggerEvent(class CREvent *,class CRBvr *)
class CRArray * __stdcall CRCreateArray(long,class CRBvr * * const,unsigned long)
class CRArray * __stdcall CRCreateArray(long,double * const,enum CR_BVR_TYPEID)
class CRArray * __stdcall CRUninitializedArray(class CRArray *)
class CRBbox2 * __stdcall CRBoundingBox(class CRImage *)
class CRBbox2 * __stdcall CRBoundingBox(class CRPath2 *,class CRLineStyle *)
class CRBbox3 * __stdcall CRBoundingBox(class CRGeometry *)
class CRBoolean * __stdcall CRAnd(class CRBoolean *,class CRBoolean *)
class CRBoolean * __stdcall CRCreateBoolean(bool)
class CRBoolean * __stdcall CREQ(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRBoolean * __stdcall CRFalse(void)
class CRBoolean * __stdcall CRGT(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRBoolean * __stdcall CRGTE(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRBoolean * __stdcall CRIsSingular(class CRTransform2 *)
class CRBoolean * __stdcall CRIsSingular(class CRTransform3 *)
class CRBoolean * __stdcall CRKeyState(class CRNumber *)
class CRBoolean * __stdcall CRLT(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRBoolean * __stdcall CRLTE(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRBoolean * __stdcall CRLeftButtonState(void)
class CRBoolean * __stdcall CRNE(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRBoolean * __stdcall CRNot(class CRBoolean *)
class CRBoolean * __stdcall CROr(class CRBoolean *,class CRBoolean *)
class CRBoolean * __stdcall CRRightButtonState(void)
class CRBoolean * __stdcall CRTrue(void)
class CRBvr * __stdcall COMToCRBvr(struct IUnknown *)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRBSpline(int,long,class CRNumber * * const,long,class CRBvr * * const,long,class CRNumber * * const,class CRNumber *,enum CR_BVR_TYPEID)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRBvrApplyPreference(class CRBvr *,unsigned short *,struct tagVARIANT)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRCond(class CRBoolean *,class CRBvr *,class CRBvr *)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRDuration(class CRBvr *,class CRNumber *)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRDuration(class CRBvr *,double)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CREndEvent(class CRBvr *)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRExtendedAttrib(class CRBvr *,unsigned short *,struct tagVARIANT)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRFirst(class CRPair *)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRGetElement(class CRArray *,long)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRGetModifiableBvr(class CRBvr *)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRGetOutputBvr(class CRDXTransformResult *)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRHook(class CRBvr *,class CRBvrHook *)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRImportance(class CRBvr *,double)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRModifiableBvr(class CRBvr *,unsigned long)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRNth(class CRArray *,class CRNumber *)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRNth(class CRTuple *,long)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRRepeat(class CRBvr *,long)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRRepeatForever(class CRBvr *)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRRunOnce(class CRBvr *)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRSampleAtLocalTime(class CRBvr *,double)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRSecond(class CRPair *)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRSequence(class CRBvr *,class CRBvr *)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRSequenceArray(long,class CRBvr * * const)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRSubstituteTime(class CRBvr *,class CRNumber *)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRUninitializedBvr(enum CR_BVR_TYPEID)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRUntil(class CRBvr *,class CREvent *,class CRBvr *)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRUntilEx(class CRBvr *,class CREvent *)
class CRBvr * __stdcall CRUntilNotify(class CRBvr *,class CREvent *,class CRUntilNotifier *)
class CRCamera * __stdcall CRDepth(class CRCamera *,class CRNumber *)
class CRCamera * __stdcall CRDepth(class CRCamera *,double)
class CRCamera * __stdcall CRDepthResolution(class CRCamera *,class CRNumber *)
class CRCamera * __stdcall CRDepthResolution(class CRCamera *,double)
class CRCamera * __stdcall CRParallelCamera(double)
class CRCamera * __stdcall CRParallelCameraAnim(class CRNumber *)
class CRCamera * __stdcall CRPerspectiveCamera(double,double)
class CRCamera * __stdcall CRPerspectiveCameraAnim(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRCamera * __stdcall CRTransform(class CRCamera *,class CRTransform3 *)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRAqua(void)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRBlack(void)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRBlue(void)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRColorHsl(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRColorHsl(double,double,double)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRColorRgb(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRColorRgb(double,double,double)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRColorRgb255(short,short,short)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRCyan(void)
class CRColor * __stdcall CREmptyColor(void)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRFuchsia(void)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRGray(void)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRGreen(void)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRLime(void)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRMagenta(void)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRMaroon(void)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRNavy(void)
class CRColor * __stdcall CROlive(void)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRPurple(void)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRRed(void)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRSilver(void)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRTeal(void)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRWhite(void)
class CRColor * __stdcall CRYellow(void)
class CRDXTransformResult * __stdcall CRApplyDXTransform(struct IUnknown *,long,class CRBvr * *,class CRBvr *)
class CRDashStyle * __stdcall CRDashStyleDashed(void)
class CRDashStyle * __stdcall CRDashStyleSolid(void)
class CREndStyle * __stdcall CREndStyleFlat(void)
class CREndStyle * __stdcall CREndStyleRound(void)
class CREndStyle * __stdcall CREndStyleSquare(void)
class CREvent * __stdcall CRAlways(void)
class CREvent * __stdcall CRAndEvent(class CREvent *,class CREvent *)
class CREvent * __stdcall CRAppTriggeredEvent(void)
class CREvent * __stdcall CRAttachData(class CREvent *,class CRBvr *)
class CREvent * __stdcall CRGetCompletionEvent(class CRImportationResult *)
class CREvent * __stdcall CRGetEvent(class CRPickableResult *)
class CREvent * __stdcall CRKeyDown(long)
class CREvent * __stdcall CRKeyUp(long)
class CREvent * __stdcall CRLeftButtonDown(void)
class CREvent * __stdcall CRLeftButtonUp(void)
class CREvent * __stdcall CRNever(void)
class CREvent * __stdcall CRNotEvent(class CREvent *)
class CREvent * __stdcall CRNotify(class CREvent *,class CRUntilNotifier *)
class CREvent * __stdcall CROrEvent(class CREvent *,class CREvent *)
class CREvent * __stdcall CRPredicate(class CRBoolean *)
class CREvent * __stdcall CRRightButtonDown(void)
class CREvent * __stdcall CRRightButtonUp(void)
class CREvent * __stdcall CRSnapshot(class CREvent *,class CRBvr *)
class CREvent * __stdcall CRThenEvent(class CREvent *,class CREvent *)
class CREvent * __stdcall CRTimer(class CRNumber *)
class CREvent * __stdcall CRTimer(double)
class CRFontStyle * __stdcall CRAntiAliasing(class CRFontStyle *,double)
class CRFontStyle * __stdcall CRBold(class CRFontStyle *)
class CRFontStyle * __stdcall CRDefaultFont(void)
class CRFontStyle * __stdcall CRFamily(class CRFontStyle *,class CRString *)
class CRFontStyle * __stdcall CRFamily(class CRFontStyle *,unsigned short *)
class CRFontStyle * __stdcall CRFont(class CRString *,class CRNumber *,class CRColor *)
class CRFontStyle * __stdcall CRFont(unsigned short *,double,class CRColor *)
class CRFontStyle * __stdcall CRItalic(class CRFontStyle *)
class CRFontStyle * __stdcall CRSize(class CRFontStyle *,class CRNumber *)
class CRFontStyle * __stdcall CRSize(class CRFontStyle *,double)
class CRFontStyle * __stdcall CRStrikethrough(class CRFontStyle *)
class CRFontStyle * __stdcall CRTextColor(class CRFontStyle *,class CRColor *)
class CRFontStyle * __stdcall CRTransformCharacters(class CRFontStyle *,class CRTransform2 *)
class CRFontStyle * __stdcall CRUnderline(class CRFontStyle *)
class CRFontStyle * __stdcall CRWeight(class CRFontStyle *,class CRNumber *)
class CRFontStyle * __stdcall CRWeight(class CRFontStyle *,double)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRAddPickData(class CRGeometry *,struct IUnknown *,bool)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRAmbientColor(class CRGeometry *,class CRColor *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRAmbientLight(void)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRBillboard(class CRGeometry *,class CRVector3 *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRBlendTextureDiffuse(class CRGeometry *,class CRBoolean *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRD3DRMTexture(class CRGeometry *,struct IUnknown *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRDiffuseColor(class CRGeometry *,class CRColor *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRDirectionalLight(void)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CREmissiveColor(class CRGeometry *,class CRColor *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CREmptyGeometry(void)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRGetGeometry(class CRImportationResult *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRGetGeometry(class CRPickableResult *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRImportDirect3DRMVisual(struct IUnknown *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRImportDirect3DRMVisualWrapped(struct IUnknown *,long,double,double,double,double,double,double,double,double,double,double,double,double,double,unsigned long)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRLightAttenuation(class CRGeometry *,class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRLightAttenuation(class CRGeometry *,double,double,double)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRLightColor(class CRGeometry *,class CRColor *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRLightRange(class CRGeometry *,class CRNumber *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRLightRange(class CRGeometry *,double)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRLighting(class CRGeometry *,class CRBoolean *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRModelClip(class CRGeometry *,class CRPoint3 *,class CRVector3 *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CROpacity(class CRGeometry *,class CRNumber *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CROpacity(class CRGeometry *,double)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRPointLight(void)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRShadow(class CRGeometry *,class CRGeometry *,class CRPoint3 *,class CRVector3 *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRSoundSource(class CRSound *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRSpecularColor(class CRGeometry *,class CRColor *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRSpecularExponent(class CRGeometry *,double)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRSpecularExponentAnim(class CRGeometry *,class CRNumber *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRSpotLight(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRSpotLight(class CRNumber *,double)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRTexture(class CRGeometry *,class CRImage *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRTextureImage(class CRGeometry *,class CRImage *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRTransform(class CRGeometry *,class CRTransform3 *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRTriMesh(class TriMeshData &)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRUndetectable(class CRGeometry *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRUnionGeometry(class CRArray *)
class CRGeometry * __stdcall CRUnionGeometry(class CRGeometry *,class CRGeometry *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRAddPickData(class CRImage *,struct IUnknown *,bool)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRClip(class CRImage *,class CRMatte *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRClipPolygonImage(class CRImage *,class CRArray *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRColorKey(class CRImage *,class CRColor *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRCrop(class CRImage *,class CRPoint2 *,class CRPoint2 *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRDetectableEmptyImage(void)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRDraw(class CRPath2 *,class CRLineStyle *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CREmptyImage(void)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRFill(class CRPath2 *,class CRLineStyle *,class CRImage *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRGetImage(class CRImportationResult *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRGetImage(class CRPickableResult *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRGradientHorizontal(class CRColor *,class CRColor *,class CRNumber *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRGradientHorizontal(class CRColor *,class CRColor *,double)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRGradientPolygon(class CRArray *,class CRArray *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRGradientSquare(class CRColor *,class CRColor *,class CRColor *,class CRColor *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRHatchBackwardDiagonal(class CRColor *,class CRNumber *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRHatchBackwardDiagonal(class CRColor *,double)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRHatchCross(class CRColor *,class CRNumber *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRHatchCross(class CRColor *,double)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRHatchDiagonalCross(class CRColor *,class CRNumber *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRHatchDiagonalCross(class CRColor *,double)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRHatchForwardDiagonal(class CRColor *,class CRNumber *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRHatchForwardDiagonal(class CRColor *,double)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRHatchHorizontal(class CRColor *,class CRNumber *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRHatchHorizontal(class CRColor *,double)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRHatchVertical(class CRColor *,class CRNumber *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRHatchVertical(class CRColor *,double)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRImageQuality(class CRImage *,unsigned long)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRImportDirectDrawSurface(struct IUnknown *,class CREvent *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRLinearGradientMulticolor(class CRArray *,class CRArray *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRMapToUnitSquare(class CRImage *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CROpacity(class CRImage *,class CRNumber *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CROpacity(class CRImage *,double)
class CRImage * __stdcall CROverlay(class CRArray *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CROverlay(class CRImage *,class CRImage *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRRadialGradientMulticolor(class CRArray *,class CRArray *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRRadialGradientPolygon(class CRColor *,class CRColor *,class CRArray *,class CRNumber *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRRadialGradientPolygon(class CRColor *,class CRColor *,class CRArray *,double)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRRadialGradientRegularPoly(class CRColor *,class CRColor *,class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRRadialGradientRegularPoly(class CRColor *,class CRColor *,double,double)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRRadialGradientSquare(class CRColor *,class CRColor *,class CRNumber *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRRadialGradientSquare(class CRColor *,class CRColor *,double)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRRender(class CRGeometry *,class CRCamera *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRRender(class CRMontage *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRRenderResolution(class CRImage *,long,long)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRSolidColorImage(class CRColor *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRStringImage(class CRString *,class CRFontStyle *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRStringImage(unsigned short *,class CRFontStyle *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRTextImage(class CRString *,class CRFontStyle *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRTextImage(unsigned short *,class CRFontStyle *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRTile(class CRImage *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRTransform(class CRImage *,class CRTransform2 *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRTransformColorRGB(class CRImage *,class CRTransform3 *)
class CRImage * __stdcall CRUndetectable(class CRImage *)
class CRImportationResult * __stdcall CRImportMedia(unsigned short *,void *,enum CR_MEDIA_SOURCE,void * * const,unsigned long,class CRImportSite *)
class CRJoinStyle * __stdcall CRJoinStyleBevel(void)
class CRJoinStyle * __stdcall CRJoinStyleMiter(void)
class CRJoinStyle * __stdcall CRJoinStyleRound(void)
class CRLineStyle * __stdcall CRAntiAliasing(class CRLineStyle *,double)
class CRLineStyle * __stdcall CRDash(class CRLineStyle *,class CRDashStyle *)
class CRLineStyle * __stdcall CRDashEx(class CRLineStyle *,unsigned long)
class CRLineStyle * __stdcall CRDefaultLineStyle(void)
class CRLineStyle * __stdcall CRDetail(class CRLineStyle *)
class CRLineStyle * __stdcall CREmptyLineStyle(void)
class CRLineStyle * __stdcall CREnd(class CRLineStyle *,class CREndStyle *)
class CRLineStyle * __stdcall CREndEx(class CRLineStyle *,unsigned long)
class CRLineStyle * __stdcall CRJoin(class CRLineStyle *,class CRJoinStyle *)
class CRLineStyle * __stdcall CRJoinEx(class CRLineStyle *,unsigned long)
class CRLineStyle * __stdcall CRLineColor(class CRLineStyle *,class CRColor *)
class CRLineStyle * __stdcall CRMiterLimit(class CRLineStyle *,class CRNumber *)
class CRLineStyle * __stdcall CRMiterLimit(class CRLineStyle *,double)
class CRLineStyle * __stdcall CRWidth(class CRLineStyle *,class CRNumber *)
class CRLineStyle * __stdcall CRWidth(class CRLineStyle *,double)
class CRMatte * __stdcall CRClearMatte(void)
class CRMatte * __stdcall CRDifferenceMatte(class CRMatte *,class CRMatte *)
class CRMatte * __stdcall CRFillMatte(class CRPath2 *)
class CRMatte * __stdcall CRIntersectMatte(class CRMatte *,class CRMatte *)
class CRMatte * __stdcall CROpaqueMatte(void)
class CRMatte * __stdcall CRTextMatte(class CRString *,class CRFontStyle *)
class CRMatte * __stdcall CRTransform(class CRMatte *,class CRTransform2 *)
class CRMatte * __stdcall CRUnionMatte(class CRMatte *,class CRMatte *)
class CRMicrophone * __stdcall CRDefaultMicrophone(void)
class CRMicrophone * __stdcall CRTransform(class CRMicrophone *,class CRTransform3 *)
class CRMontage * __stdcall CREmptyMontage(void)
class CRMontage * __stdcall CRImageMontage(class CRImage *,double)
class CRMontage * __stdcall CRImageMontageAnim(class CRImage *,class CRNumber *)
class CRMontage * __stdcall CRUnionMontage(class CRMontage *,class CRMontage *)
class CRMontage * __stdcall CRUnionMontageArray(class CRArray *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRAbs(class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRAcos(class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRAdd(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRAsin(class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRAtan(class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRAtan2(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRCeiling(class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRCos(class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRCreateNumber(double)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRDerivative(class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRDistance(class CRPoint2 *,class CRPoint2 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRDistance(class CRPoint3 *,class CRPoint3 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRDistanceSquared(class CRPoint2 *,class CRPoint2 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRDistanceSquared(class CRPoint3 *,class CRPoint3 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRDiv(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRDot(class CRVector2 *,class CRVector2 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRDot(class CRVector3 *,class CRVector3 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRExp(class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRFloor(class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRGetBlue(class CRColor *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRGetDuration(class CRImportationResult *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRGetGreen(class CRColor *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRGetHue(class CRColor *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRGetLightness(class CRColor *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRGetProgress(class CRImportationResult *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRGetRed(class CRColor *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRGetSaturation(class CRColor *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRGetSize(class CRImportationResult *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRGetX(class CRPoint2 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRGetX(class CRPoint3 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRGetX(class CRVector2 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRGetX(class CRVector3 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRGetY(class CRPoint2 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRGetY(class CRPoint3 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRGetY(class CRVector2 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRGetY(class CRVector3 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRGetZ(class CRPoint3 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRGetZ(class CRVector3 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRGlobalTime(void)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRIntegral(class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRInterpolate(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRInterpolate(double,double,double)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRLength(class CRArray *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRLength(class CRVector2 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRLength(class CRVector3 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRLengthSquared(class CRVector2 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRLengthSquared(class CRVector3 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRLn(class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRLocalTime(void)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRLog10(class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRMod(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRModifiableNumber(double)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRMul(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRNeg(class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRPixel(void)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRPolarCoordAngle(class CRPoint2 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRPolarCoordAngle(class CRVector2 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRPolarCoordLength(class CRPoint2 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRPolarCoordLength(class CRVector2 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRPow(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRRound(class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRSeededRandom(double)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRSin(class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRSlowInSlowOut(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRSlowInSlowOut(double,double,double,double)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRSphericalCoordLength(class CRPoint3 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRSphericalCoordLength(class CRVector3 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRSphericalCoordXYAngle(class CRPoint3 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRSphericalCoordXYAngle(class CRVector3 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRSphericalCoordYZAngle(class CRPoint3 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRSphericalCoordYZAngle(class CRVector3 *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRSqrt(class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRSub(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRTan(class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRToDegrees(class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRToRadians(class CRNumber *)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRViewFrameRate(void)
class CRNumber * __stdcall CRViewTimeDelta(void)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRArc(double,double,double,double)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRArcRadians(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRArcRadians(double,double,double,double)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRClose(class CRPath2 *)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRConcat(class CRArray *)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRConcat(class CRPath2 *,class CRPath2 *)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRCubicBSplinePath(class CRArray *,class CRArray *)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRLine(class CRPoint2 *,class CRPoint2 *)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CROval(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CROval(double,double)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRPie(double,double,double,double)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRPieRadians(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRPieRadians(double,double,double,double)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRPolydrawPath(class CRArray *,class CRArray *)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRPolydrawPath(double *,unsigned int,double *,unsigned int)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRPolyline(class CRArray *)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRRay(class CRPoint2 *)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRRect(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRRect(double,double)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRRoundRect(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRRoundRect(double,double,double,double)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRStringPath(class CRString *,class CRFontStyle *)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRStringPath(unsigned short *,class CRFontStyle *)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRTextPath(class CRString *,class CRFontStyle *)
class CRPath2 * __stdcall CRTransform(class CRPath2 *,class CRTransform2 *)
class CRPickableResult * __stdcall CRPickable(class CRGeometry *)
class CRPickableResult * __stdcall CRPickable(class CRImage *)
class CRPickableResult * __stdcall CRPickableOccluded(class CRGeometry *)
class CRPickableResult * __stdcall CRPickableOccluded(class CRImage *)
class CRPoint2 * __stdcall CRAdd(class CRPoint2 *,class CRVector2 *)
class CRPoint2 * __stdcall CRCreatePoint2(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRPoint2 * __stdcall CRCreatePoint2(double,double)
class CRPoint2 * __stdcall CRMax(class CRBbox2 *)
class CRPoint2 * __stdcall CRMin(class CRBbox2 *)
class CRPoint2 * __stdcall CRMousePosition(void)
class CRPoint2 * __stdcall CROrigin2(void)
class CRPoint2 * __stdcall CRPoint2Polar(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRPoint2 * __stdcall CRPoint2Polar(double,double)
class CRPoint2 * __stdcall CRProject(class CRPoint3 *,class CRCamera *)
class CRPoint2 * __stdcall CRSub(class CRPoint2 *,class CRVector2 *)
class CRPoint2 * __stdcall CRTransform(class CRPoint2 *,class CRTransform2 *)
class CRPoint3 * __stdcall CRAdd(class CRPoint3 *,class CRVector3 *)
class CRPoint3 * __stdcall CRCreatePoint3(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRPoint3 * __stdcall CRCreatePoint3(double,double,double)
class CRPoint3 * __stdcall CRMax(class CRBbox3 *)
class CRPoint3 * __stdcall CRMin(class CRBbox3 *)
class CRPoint3 * __stdcall CROrigin3(void)
class CRPoint3 * __stdcall CRPoint3Spherical(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRPoint3 * __stdcall CRPoint3Spherical(double,double,double)
class CRPoint3 * __stdcall CRSub(class CRPoint3 *,class CRVector3 *)
class CRPoint3 * __stdcall CRTransform(class CRPoint3 *,class CRTransform3 *)
class CRSound * __stdcall CRGain(class CRSound *,class CRNumber *)
class CRSound * __stdcall CRGain(class CRSound *,double)
class CRSound * __stdcall CRGetSound(class CRImportationResult *)
class CRSound * __stdcall CRLoop(class CRSound *)
class CRSound * __stdcall CRMix(class CRArray *)
class CRSound * __stdcall CRMix(class CRSound *,class CRSound *)
class CRSound * __stdcall CRPan(class CRSound *,class CRNumber *)
class CRSound * __stdcall CRPan(class CRSound *,double)
class CRSound * __stdcall CRPhase(class CRSound *,class CRNumber *)
class CRSound * __stdcall CRPhase(class CRSound *,double)
class CRSound * __stdcall CRRate(class CRSound *,class CRNumber *)
class CRSound * __stdcall CRRate(class CRSound *,double)
class CRSound * __stdcall CRRenderSound(class CRGeometry *,class CRMicrophone *)
class CRSound * __stdcall CRSilence(void)
class CRSound * __stdcall CRSinSynth(void)
class CRString * __stdcall CRConcatString(class CRString *,class CRString *)
class CRString * __stdcall CRCreateString(unsigned short *)
class CRString * __stdcall CRModifiableString(unsigned short *)
class CRString * __stdcall CRToString(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRString * __stdcall CRToString(class CRNumber *,double)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRCompose2(class CRArray *)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRCompose2(class CRTransform2 *,class CRTransform2 *)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRFollowPath(class CRPath2 *,class CRNumber *)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRFollowPath(class CRPath2 *,double)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRFollowPathAngle(class CRPath2 *,class CRNumber *)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRFollowPathAngle(class CRPath2 *,double)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRFollowPathAngleEval(class CRPath2 *,class CRNumber *)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRFollowPathAngleUpright(class CRPath2 *,class CRNumber *)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRFollowPathAngleUpright(class CRPath2 *,double)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRFollowPathAngleUprightEval(class CRPath2 *,class CRNumber *)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRFollowPathEval(class CRPath2 *,class CRNumber *)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRIdentityTransform2(void)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRInverse(class CRTransform2 *)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRParallelTransform2(class CRTransform3 *)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRRotate2(class CRNumber *)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRRotate2(double)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRRotate2Degrees(double)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRScale2(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRScale2(class CRVector2 *)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRScale2(double,double)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRScale2Uniform(class CRNumber *)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRScale2Uniform(double)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRTransform3x2(class CRArray *)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRTransform3x2(double *,unsigned int)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRTranslate2(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRTranslate2(class CRPoint2 *)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRTranslate2(class CRVector2 *)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRTranslate2(double,double)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRXShear2(class CRNumber *)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRXShear2(double)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRYShear2(class CRNumber *)
class CRTransform2 * __stdcall CRYShear2(double)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRCompose3(class CRArray *)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRCompose3(class CRTransform3 *,class CRTransform3 *)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRIdentityTransform3(void)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRInverse(class CRTransform3 *)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRLookAtFrom(class CRPoint3 *,class CRPoint3 *,class CRVector3 *)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRRotate3(class CRVector3 *,class CRNumber *)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRRotate3(class CRVector3 *,double)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRScale3(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRScale3(class CRVector3 *)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRScale3(double,double,double)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRScale3Uniform(class CRNumber *)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRScale3Uniform(double)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRTransform4x4(class CRArray *)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRTranslate3(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRTranslate3(class CRPoint3 *)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRTranslate3(class CRVector3 *)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRTranslate3(double,double,double)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRXShear3(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRXShear3(double,double)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRYShear3(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRYShear3(double,double)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRZShear3(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRTransform3 * __stdcall CRZShear3(double,double)
class CRTuple * __stdcall CRCreateTuple(long,class CRBvr * * const)
class CRTuple * __stdcall CRUninitializedTuple(class CRTuple *)
class CRUserData * __stdcall CRCreateUserData(struct IUnknown *)
class CRVector2 * __stdcall CRAdd(class CRVector2 *,class CRVector2 *)
class CRVector2 * __stdcall CRCreateVector2(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRVector2 * __stdcall CRCreateVector2(double,double)
class CRVector2 * __stdcall CRDerivative(class CRPoint2 *)
class CRVector2 * __stdcall CRDerivative(class CRVector2 *)
class CRVector2 * __stdcall CRDiv(class CRVector2 *,class CRNumber *)
class CRVector2 * __stdcall CRDiv(class CRVector2 *,double)
class CRVector2 * __stdcall CRIntegral(class CRVector2 *)
class CRVector2 * __stdcall CRMul(class CRVector2 *,class CRNumber *)
class CRVector2 * __stdcall CRMul(class CRVector2 *,double)
class CRVector2 * __stdcall CRNeg(class CRVector2 *)
class CRVector2 * __stdcall CRNormalize(class CRVector2 *)
class CRVector2 * __stdcall CRSub(class CRPoint2 *,class CRPoint2 *)
class CRVector2 * __stdcall CRSub(class CRVector2 *,class CRVector2 *)
class CRVector2 * __stdcall CRTransform(class CRVector2 *,class CRTransform2 *)
class CRVector2 * __stdcall CRVector2Polar(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRVector2 * __stdcall CRVector2Polar(double,double)
class CRVector2 * __stdcall CRXVector2(void)
class CRVector2 * __stdcall CRYVector2(void)
class CRVector2 * __stdcall CRZeroVector2(void)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRAdd(class CRVector3 *,class CRVector3 *)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRCreateVector3(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRCreateVector3(double,double,double)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRCross(class CRVector3 *,class CRVector3 *)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRDerivative(class CRPoint3 *)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRDerivative(class CRVector3 *)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRDiv(class CRVector3 *,class CRNumber *)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRDiv(class CRVector3 *,double)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRIntegral(class CRVector3 *)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRMul(class CRVector3 *,class CRNumber *)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRMul(class CRVector3 *,double)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRNeg(class CRVector3 *)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRNormalize(class CRVector3 *)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRSub(class CRPoint3 *,class CRPoint3 *)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRSub(class CRVector3 *,class CRVector3 *)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRTransform(class CRVector3 *,class CRTransform3 *)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRVector3Spherical(class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *,class CRNumber *)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRVector3Spherical(double,double,double)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRXVector3(void)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRYVector3(void)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRZVector3(void)
class CRVector3 * __stdcall CRZeroVector3(void)
class CRView * __stdcall CRCreateView(void)
class CRViewSite * __stdcall CRGetSite(class CRView *)
double __stdcall CRExtract(class CRNumber *)
double __stdcall CRGetConstDuration(class CREvent *)
double __stdcall CRGetSimulationTime(class CRView *)
enum CR_BVR_TYPEID __stdcall CRGetArrayTypeId(class CRBvr *)
enum CR_BVR_TYPEID __stdcall CRGetTypeId(class CRBvr *)
float __stdcall CRGetImportPriority(class CRBvr *)
long __stdcall CRAddElement(class CRArray *,class CRBvr *,unsigned long)
long __stdcall CRGetInvalidatedRects(class CRView *,unsigned long,long,struct tagRECT *)
long __stdcall CRGetLastError(void)
long __stdcall CRImportStatus(class CRBvr *)
long __stdcall CRLength(class CRTuple *)
long __stdcall CRQueryHitPointEx(class CRView *,long,unsigned long *,double *,struct tagRECT const *,struct tagPOINT)
struct HDC__ * __stdcall CRGetDC(class CRView *)
struct HWND__ * __stdcall CRGetWindow(class CRView *)
struct IServiceProvider * __stdcall CRGetServiceProvider(class CRView *)
struct IUnknown * __stdcall CRGetData(class CRUserData *)
struct IUnknown * __stdcall CRGetDirectDrawSurface(class CRView *)
struct IUnknown * __stdcall CRGetTransform(class CRDXTransformResult *)
unsigned long __stdcall CRImportGeometry(unsigned short const *,unsigned short const *,class CRImportSite *,struct IBindHost *,class CRGeometry *,class CRGeometry * *,class CREvent * *,class CRNumber * *,class CRNumber * *)
unsigned long __stdcall CRImportGeometryWrapped(unsigned short const *,unsigned short const *,class CRImportSite *,struct IBindHost *,class CRGeometry *,class CRGeometry * *,class CREvent * *,class CRNumber * *,class CRNumber * *,long,double,double,double,double,double,double,double,double,double,double,double,double,double,unsigned long)
unsigned long __stdcall CRImportImage(unsigned short const *,unsigned short const *,class CRImportSite *,struct IBindHost *,bool,unsigned char,unsigned char,unsigned char,class CRImage *,class CRImage * *,class CREvent * *,class CRNumber * *,class CRNumber * *)
unsigned long __stdcall CRImportMovie(unsigned short const *,unsigned short const *,class CRImportSite *,struct IBindHost *,bool,class CRImage *,class CRSound *,class CRImage * *,class CRSound * *,class CRNumber * *,class CREvent * *,class CRNumber * *,class CRNumber * *)
unsigned long __stdcall CRImportSound(unsigned short const *,unsigned short const *,class CRImportSite *,struct IBindHost *,bool,class CRSound *,class CRSound * *,class CRNumber * *,class CREvent * *,class CRNumber * *,class CRNumber * *)
unsigned long __stdcall CRQueryHitPoint(class CRView *,unsigned long,struct tagRECT const *,struct tagPOINT,long)
unsigned short * __stdcall CRExtract(class CRString *)
unsigned short const * __stdcall CRGetLastErrorString(void)
unsigned short const * __stdcall CRVersionString(void)
void __stdcall CRClearLastError(void)
void __stdcall CRDestroyView(class CRView *)
void __stdcall CRSetLastError(long,unsigned short const *)


Imported Functions List

The following functions are imported by this dll: