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Windows XP DLL File Information - winntbbu.dll

The following DLL report was generated by automatic DLL script that scanned and loaded all DLL files in the system32 directory of Windows XP, extracted the information from them, and then saved it into HTML reports. If you want to view a report of another DLL, go to the main page of this Web site.


General Information

File Description: Windows Setup BillBrd DLL  
File Version: 5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2111)  
Company: Microsoft Corporation  
Product Name: Microsoft Windows Operating System  
DLL popularity Very Low - There is no any other DLL in system32 directory that is statically linked to this file.
File Size: 738 KB
Total Number of Exported Functions: 15
Total Number of Exported Functions With Names: 15

Section Headers

Name Virtual Address Raw Data Size % of File Characteristics Section Contains...
.text 0x00001000 51,200 Bytes 6.8% Read, Execute Code
.data 0x0000e000 4,608 Bytes 0.6% Write, Read Initialized Data
.rsrc 0x00013000 691,712 Bytes 91.5% Read Initialized Data
.reloc 0x000bc000 7,680 Bytes 1.0% Read, Discardable Initialized Data

Static Linking

winntbbu.dll is statically linked to the following files:


This means that when winntbbu.dll is loaded, the above files are automatically loaded too. If one of these files is corrupted or missing, winntbbu.dll won't be loaded.


General Resources Information

Resource Type Number of Items Total Size % of File
Icons 1 25,196 Bytes 3.3%
Animated Icons 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Cursors 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Animated Cursors 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Bitmaps 23 606,314 Bytes 80.2%
AVI Files 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Dialog-Boxes 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
HTML Related Files 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Menus 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Strings 144 56,666 Bytes 7.5%
Type Libraries 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Manifest 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
All Others 1 900 Bytes 0.1%
Total 169 689,076 Bytes 91.1%

Icons in this file

There are 1 icons stored in this DLL file. You can view all these icons in the following small thumbnail:

Cursors in this file

No cursors found in this file


Dialog-boxes list (up to 200 dialogs)

No dialog resources in this file.


String resources in this dll (up to 200 strings)

String ID String Text
4 Tahoma
5 Arial
19 Tahoma
23 Collecting |information
24 Dynamic |Update
25 Preparing |installation
26 Whistler Setup
27 An |exciting |new |look
28 Windows |XP |Professional |sports |a |visual |design |that |combines |a |sleek |look, |clean |lines, |and |appealing |colors |with |a |task-oriented |design |and |exceptionally |streamlined |navigation. The |redesigned |Start |menu |makes |it |easier |to |find |important |information |and |to |access |the |programs |you |use |most |frequently. By |automatically |cleaning |up |the |notification |area |of |the |taskbar |and |grouping |related |taskbar |items, |Windows |XP |makes |it |easier |to |switch |between |programs |and |to |open, |view, |or |close |multiple |items |at |the |same |time.
29 Try |the |easiest |Windows |yet
30 Windows |XP |makes |it |easy |to |manage |all |of |your |information. |We've |enhanced |the |My |Documents |and |My |Pictures |folders |to |make |them |more |useful. |Now |whenever |you |open |these |folders, |youll |also |see |handy |shortcuts |to |the |most |common |tasks |for |documents |and |pictures. Integrated |support |for |Web |publishing |means |that |you |can |put |your |documents |on |the |Internet |and |get |to |them |easily |from |any |location. Windows |XP |Professional |also |supports |integrated |CD |recording, |so |now |you |can |easily |save |files |to |a |CD-R |or |CD-RW |drive.
31 Stay |up |to |date
32 Windows |Update |provides |you |with |critical |software |updates |and |hardware |support |files |for |Windows |XP. |And |Setup |gives |you |the |opportunity |to |ensure |that |you |have |the |latest |software |to |install |Windows |quickly |and |successfully. For |corporate |customers, |there |have |been |great |improvements |to |the |system |preparation |tool |as |well |as |unattended |setups.
33 Your |computer |will |be |faster |and |more |reliable
34 Windows |XP |Professional |not |only |starts |faster |than |any |previous |version |of |Windows, |but |it |also |runs |your |programs |more |quickly |and |reliably |than |ever. |If |a |program |becomes |unstable, |you |can |close |it |without |having |to |shut |down |Windows |or |lose |any |of |your |work.
35 Get |support |for |the |latest |hardware |and |software
36 Windows |XP |Professional |supports |a |large |number |of |programs |and |has |built-in |support |for |the |latest |hardware. When |you |insert |a |floppy |disk, |ZIP |disk, |CD, |or |memory |card |from |your |digital |camera, |Windows |XP |identifies |the |content |and |automatically |starts |the |appropriate |program. |Windows |XP |Professional |also |supports |DVD-RAM |drives.
37 Easily |move |documents |and |personal |settings |to |a |new |computer
38 If |youve |had |a |computer |for |a |while, |youve |probably |gotten |it |set |up |the |way |you |like. |Files |are |organized |a |certain |way, |you |have |bookmarked |a |long |list |of |favorite |Web |sites, |and |youve |customized |your |desktop |just |the |way |you |want |it. Those |personal |settings |wont |be |wiped |out |when |you |buy |a |new |computer |with |Windows |XP. |With |the |Files |and |Settings |Transfer |Wizard, |it's |simple |to |move |your |files |and |settings |from |one |computer |to |another. The |wizard |is |located |in |the |System |Tools |folder. |For |a |command-line |version |that |system |administrators |can |use |on |multiple |computers |at |once, |try |the |User |State |Migration |Tool |(USMT) |in |the |ValueAdd |folder.
39 Surfing |the |Internet: |safe, |fast, |and |flexible
40 Windows |XP |includes |the |most |secure |version |of |Internet |Explorer |to |date. |Many |new |features |help |enhance |the |security |and |privacy |of |information |that |you |send |and |receive |over |the |Internet, |while |simplifying |the |daily |tasks |that |you |perform. |New |innovative |browser |capabilities--|such |as |a |pop-up |blocker, |the |ability |to |control |plug-ins, |and |more--|let |you |experience |the |Web |exactly |the |way |that |you |want.
41 Explore |your |creative |side |with |photos
42 Windows |XP |enhances |your |ability |to |share |photos |with |your |friends |and |family. |You |can |easily |download |pictures |from |your |digital |camera |into |the |My |Pictures |folder. The |improved |My |Pictures |folder |shows |thumbnail |views |of |your |pictures, |so |its |easy |to |find |the |ones |you |want. |And |the |tasks |in |the |My |Pictures |folder |help |you |publish |your |favorite |pictures |to |the |Web |or |send |them |through |e-mail |to |quickly |share |with |friends |and |family. |You |can |even |use |the |Photo |Printing |Wizard |to |easily |print |photos |in |any |size |and |quantity.
45 Work |anytime, |anywhere
46 Windows |XP |Professional |features |great |improvements |for |the |mobile |professional. |Windows |XP |enables |you |to |connect |to |your |desktop |from |almost |anywhere. Exceptional |power |management |features |have |increased |battery |life |so |that |you |can |work |longer, |and |Remote |Desktop |allows |you |to |access |your |programs |and |data |from |another |computer |connected |to |your |corporate |network.
47 Windows |XP |is |great |for |notebook |computers
48 Windows |XP |makes |wireless |networking |with |your |computer |easy |and |secure |so |you |can |work |where |you |want, |when |you |want. |And, |with |Windows |XP, |wireless |networking |configuration |is |seamless |and |automatic. Additionally, |Microsoft |ClearType |technology |dramatically |improves |the |readability |of |LCD |screens. |And, |of |course, |Windows |XP |Professional |features |great |Plug |and |Play |support.
51 The |most |dependable |Windows |for |business |computing
52 Built |on |the |proven |reliability |of |Windows |2000, |Windows |XP |Professional |offers |features |that |improve |the |stability |of |your |computer. We've |added |features |like |device |driver |rollback |and |an |improved |device |driver |verifier. |And |we've |enhanced |features |that |protect |important |system |files |within |the |operating |system |from |being |deleted |or |replaced, |which |makes |Windows |XP |Professional |the |most |reliable |Windows |ever.
53 Experience |the |ultimate |in |safety, |security, |and |privacy
54 Building |on |the |security |of |Windows |2000, |Windows |XP |Professional |provides |the |latest |technologies |to |help |keep |your |data |safe |from |unauthorized |access. Windows |Firewall |helps |protects |your |computer |from |intruders |when |it's |connected |to |the |Internet. |Built-in |policies |also |help |protect |your |computer |from |certain |types |of |e-mail |viruses. If |you |need |to |encrypt |your |data, |Windows |XP |Professional |offers |an |encrypting |file |system, |which |has |been |improved |to |work |seamlessly |with |offline |data.
55 Be |assured |of |greater |accessibility
56 Windows |XP |Professional |provides |accessibility |features |that |make |it |easier |for |people |to |use |computers. The |Accessibility |Wizard |helps |you |customize |your |computer |screen, |keyboard, |and |mouse |to |fit |your |needs. To |make |items |on |the |screen |easier |to |see, |you |can |increase |the |contrast, |enlarge |the |text, |and |have |your |mouse |pointer |leave |a |trail. |You |can |customize |keyboard |options |and |replace |computer |sounds |with |visual |alerts. Windows |XP |also |includes |basic |utilities |that |allow |you |to |magnify |the |screen |or |use |an |on-screen |keyboard. |You |can |start |these |utilities |from |the |Utility |Manager|even |when |logging |on |to |your |computer|by |pressing |the |Windows |logo |key |+ |U.
57 Now |it's |easier |to |get |help--|and |to |help |others!
58 If |you |need |to |find |your |way |around |Windows |XP |or |troubleshoot |a |problem, |then |you'll |appreciate |the |ease |of |finding |answers |in |the |content-|rich |new |world |of |Help |and |Support |Center. From |one |central |location, |you |can |find |your |system |configuration, |keep |your |computer |up |to |date, |check |for |software |and |hardware |compatibility, |and |search |across |multiple |sources |of |help |and |troubleshooting |content |on |the |Web |as |well |as |on |your |computer--|quickly |and |easily! If |you |prefer |to |ask |friends |or |co-workers |to |help |fix |a |problem |on |your |computer, |just |send |them |a |Remote |Assistance |request. |Then, |with |your |permission, |they |can |use |their |own |computer |to |view |your |desktop |and |help |you |just |as |easily |as |if |they |were |in |the |same |room.
59 Enjoy |using |Windows |XP!
60 If |you |would |like |more |details |on |the |new |features |built |into |Windows |XP, |the |Windows |Start |menu |can |point |you |to |several |options. |Click |Help |and |Support |to |find |articles, |overviews, |and |tutorials |on |specific |features. Or |click |Help |and |Support |and |type |walkthroughs |into |the |Search |box |to |find |articles |that |help |you |explore. Thank |you |for |purchasing |Windows |XP |Professional. |We |hope |that |you |enjoy |the |many |new |features |of |this |Windows |version.
63 Installing |Windows
64 Finalizing |installation
200 See |how |innovation |works |for |you
201 This |new |release |includes |enhancements |and |new |features |based |on |customer |requests |and |product |support |experiences. * Easier |to |Deploy * More |Manageable * Faster |and |More |Reliable
202 Easier |to |Deploy
203 Windows |Servers |are |more |flexible |and |easier |to |upgrade - |there |are |more |options |for |configuration |and |you |can |change |it |after |you |deploy. * Cross-Forest |Management * User |State |Migration * User |Auto-enrollment |for |PKI
204 More |Manageable
205 Windows |Servers |include |powerful |management |features |for |administration |of |distributed |servers |from |a |central |location. * "Lights-out" |Management * Comprehensive |Command-line |Administration * Secure |Scripting |Support
206 Faster |and |More |Reliable
207 Windows |Servers |utilize |the |latest |technical |advancements |to |provide |faster |and |more |reliable |computing |on |existing |and |new |hardware. * Intel |Itanium-based |Systems * Driver |Quality & |DLL |Management * Downtime |Analysis & |Recovery |Tools
208 For |the |Agile |Business...
209 Windows |Servers |provide |you |with |maximum |agility |to |succeed |in |the |digital |age. * Realign |Business |Strategy * Reach |a |Solution |Fast * Re-energize |Your |Workforce
210 You |Need |Versatility
211 Windows |Servers |are |versatile |so |you |can |adapt |to |a |wide |variety |of |business |scenarios. * Internet, |Extranet, |E-commerce * Intranet, |File & |Print, |Applications * Application |Hosting |and |Services
212 You |Need |Manageability
213 Windows |Servers |are |manageable |so |you |can |spend |less |time |on |administration |and |more |time |building |solutions. * Quicker |Deployments * More |Powerful |Administration * Greater |Flexibility |in |Configuration
214 You |Need |Dependability
215 Windows |Servers |are |dependable |at |every |level |so |you'll |always |be |open |for |business. * Reliable, |Available, |Scalable * Secure, |Safe, |Private * Interoperable, |Compatible, |Adaptable
216 Windows |Servers |Deliver
217 Windows |Servers |are |the |versatile, |well-managed |and |dependable |operating |systems |for |the |agile |business.
300 An |exciting |new |look
301 Windows |XP |Home |Edition |sports |a |visual |design |that |combines |a |sleek |look, |clean |lines, |and |appealing |colors |with |a |task-oriented |design |and |exceptionally |streamlined |navigation. The |redesigned |Start |menu |makes |it |easier |to |find |important |information |and |to |access |the |programs |you |use |most |frequently. By |automatically |cleaning |up |the |notification |area |of |the |taskbar |and |grouping |related |taskbar |items, |Windows |XP |makes |it |easier |to |switch |between |programs |and |to |open, |view, |or |close |multiple |items |at |the |same |time.
302 Get |up |and |running |with |the |latest |updates
303 Windows |Update |provides |you |with |critical |software |updates |and |hardware |support |files |for |your |Windows |XP |computer. |You |can |choose |to |have |Setup |check |the |Windows |Update |Web |site |to |ensure |that |you |have |the |latest |updates |to |make |your |Windows |installation |go |smoothly.
304 Stay |connected |with |friends |and |family
305 Your |computer |can |now |be |a |complete, |easy-to-use |communications |center |so |you |can |stay |connected |to |your |friends |and |family. Plus, |you |can |share |files |and |programs, |and |work |together--|all |within |one |easy-to-use |location. Built-in |fax |support |helps |you |send |faxes |directly |from |your |favorite |programs |and |receive |faxes |right |from |your |computer.
306 Explore |your |creative |side |with |photos
307 Windows |XP |enhances |your |ability |to |share |photos |with |your |friends |and |family. |You |can |easily |download |pictures |from |your |digital |camera |into |the |My |Pictures |folder. The |improved |My |Pictures |folder |shows |thumbnail |views |of |your |pictures, |so |its |easy |to |find |the |ones |you |want. |And |the |tasks |in |the |My |Pictures |folder |help |you |publish |your |favorite |pictures |to |the |Web |or |send |them |through |e-mail |to |quickly |share |with |friends |and |family. |You |can |even |use |the |Photo |Printing |Wizard |to |easily |print |photos |in |any |size |and |quantity.
310 Try |the |easiest |Windows |yet
311 Windows |XP |makes |it |easy |to |manage |all |of |your |information. |We've |enhanced |the |My |Documents |and |My |Pictures |folders |to |make |them |more |useful. |Now |whenever |you |open |these |folders, |youll |also |see |handy |shortcuts |to |the |most |common |tasks |for |documents |and |pictures. Integrated |support |for |Web |publishing |means |that |you |can |put |your |documents |on |the |Internet |and |get |to |them |from |any |location.
312 Your |computer |will |be |faster |and |more |reliable
313 Windows |XP |Home |Edition |not |only |starts |faster |than |any |previous |version |of |Windows, |but |it |also |runs |your |programs |more |quickly |and |reliably |than |ever. |If |a |program |becomes |unstable, |you |can |close |it |without |having |to |shut |down |Windows |or |lose |any |of |your |work.
314 Easily |move |documents |and |personal |settings |to |a |new |computer
315 If |youve |had |a |computer |for |a |while, |youve |probably |gotten |it |set |up |the |way |you |like. |Files |are |organized |a |certain |way, |you |have |bookmarked |a |long |list |of |favorite |Web |sites, |and |youve |customized |your |desktop |just |the |way |you |want |it. Those |personal |settings |wont |be |wiped |out |when |you |buy |a |new |computer |with |Windows |XP. |With |the |Files |and |Settings |Transfer |Wizard, |it's |simple |to |move |your |files |and |settings |from |one |computer |to |another |via |your |home |network, |a |shared |hard |drive, |or |even |floppy |disks.
316 Create |a |personal |computing |experience
317 Windows |XP |Home |Edition |makes |it |easy |to |create |individual |accounts |for |everyone |who |uses |your |computer. |This |means |that |each |user |who |logs |on |can |create |an |individualized |computing |environment, |allowing |him |or |her |to |keep |favorite |programs |and |desktop |settings. If |your |family |shares |a |computer, |Windows |XP |Home |Edition |allows |each |user |to |quickly |switch |to |his |or |her |own |user |account |without |having |to |close |down |and |restart |the |previous |user's |programs |or |desktop |settings.
318 Connect |to |the |Web
319 If |you |want |to |use |the |Internet, |it |has |never |been |easier |or |faster |to |get |started. The |New |Connection |Wizard |helps |you |connect |to |the |Internet |and |sign |up |with |an |Internet |service |provider |of |your |choice. You'll |be |online |in |no |time!
320 Surfing |the |Internet: |safe, |fast, |and |flexible
321 Windows |XP |includes |the |most |secure |version |of |Internet |Explorer |to |date. |Many |new |features |help |enhance |the |security |and |privacy |of |information |that |you |send |and |receive |over |the |Internet, |while |simplifying |the |daily |tasks |that |you |perform. |New |innovative |browser |capabilities--|such |as |a |pop-up |blocker, |the |ability |to |control |plug-ins, |and |more--|let |you |experience |the |Web |exactly |the |way |that |you |want.
322 Have |more |fun |with |games
323 DirectX |9 |makes |a |computer |running |Windows |XP |Home |Edition |the |ideal |platform |for |playing |the |latest |games, |as |well |as |running |other |programs |that |feature |full-color |graphics |or |3-D |animation. With |enhanced |network |support, |you |can |play |games |with |your |family |or |housemates |over |a |home |network, |or |challenge |an |anonymous |competitor |over |the |Internet.
324 Connect |your |computers |with |easy |home |networking
325 As |more |families |come |to |own |more |than |one |computer, |it's |becoming |important |to |be |able |to |share |resources |such |as |files, |printers, |and |modems |among |multiple |computers. |With |Windows |XP |Home |Edition, |you |can |set |up |a |home |network |to |share |software, |documents, |and |equipment |with |ease. The |Network |Setup |Wizard |takes |you |step |by |step |through |the |process |of |networking |your |computers |and |peripheral |devices. |Create |a |network |with |confidence! Internet |Connection |Sharing |also |enables |all |the |networked |computers |in |your |home |to |share |a |single |Internet |connection |such |as |a |phone |line, |DSL, |or |cable |modem.
326 Record |a |CD |as |easily |as |saving |information |to |a |floppy |disk
327 CD-Recordable |(CD-R) |drives |and |CD-Rewritable |(CD-RW) |drives |are |now |affordable |options |on |most |home |computers. Windows |XP |Home |Edition |makes |it |easy |to |copy |photos |to |a |CD. |It |also |supports |integrated |CD |recording, |so |that |you |can |easily |save |files |to |a |CD-R |or |CD-RW |drive.
328 Rely |on |Windows |for |dependable |home |computing
329 Built |on |the |proven |reliability |of |Windows |2000, |Windows |XP |Home |Edition |offers |features |that |improve |the |stability |of |your |computer. Windows |XP |Home |Edition |does |a |great |job |at |managing |important |files |within |the |operating |system |to |keep |them |from |being |deleted |or |replaced, |which |makes |it |the |most |reliable |Windows |ever.
330 Get |support |for |the |programs |and |devices |you |use |at |home
331 Windows |XP |Home |Edition |supports |a |large |number |of |programs |and |has |built-in |support |for |the |latest |computer |hardware, |including |DVD |devices, |digital |cameras, |and |scanners. You'll |have |access |to |a |list |of |compatible |programs |and |hardware |support |files, |and |updates |to |your |computer |can |be |made |automatically |for |you |if |you |choose. When |you |insert |a |floppy |disk, |ZIP |disk, |CD, |or |memory |card |from |your |digital |camera, |Windows |XP |identifies |the |content |and |automatically |starts |the |appropriate |program.
332 Stay |up |to |date
333 With |Windows |XP |Home |Edition |installed, |you |won't |have |to |search |computer |updates |online |or |rely |on |word |of |mouth |to |stay |up |to |date. |Windows |XP |helps |make |sure |your |computer |just |works |by |offering |you |the |latest |updates |to |help |you |troubleshoot |known |issues. |You |can |install |the |updates |immediately |or |ask |Windows |to |remind |you |at |a |more |convenient |time. Most |updates |can |be |made |automatically, |without |interfering |with |your |current |work |or |slowing |down |your |computer.
334 Experience |the |ultimate |in |safety, |security, |and |privacy
335 Building |on |the |security |of |Windows |2000, |Windows |XP |Home |Edition |provides |the |latest |technologies |to |help |keep |your |data |safe |from |unauthorized |access. Home |networking |is |enhanced |with |Windows |Firewall |to |help |protect |your |home |network |from |unauthorized |access |while |you're |connected |to |the |Internet.
336 Be |assured |of |greater |accessibility
337 Windows |XP |Home |Edition |provides |accessibility |features |that |make |it |easier |for |people |to |use |computers. The |Accessibility |Wizard |helps |you |customize |your |computer |screen, |keyboard, |and |mouse |to |fit |your |needs. To |make |items |on |the |screen |easier |to |see, |you |can |increase |the |contrast, |enlarge |the |text, |and |have |your |mouse |pointer |leave |a |trail. |You |can |customize |keyboard |options |and |replace |computer |sounds |with |visual |alerts. Windows |XP |also |includes |basic |utilities |that |allow |you |to |magnify |the |screen |or |use |an |on-screen |keyboard. |You |can |start |these |utilities |from |the |Utility |Manager|even |when |logging |on |to |your |computer|by |pressing |the |Windows |logo |key |+ |U.
338 Now |it's |easier |to |get |help--|and |to |help |others!
339 If |you |need |to |find |your |way |around |Windows |XP |or |troubleshoot |a |problem, |then |you'll |appreciate |the |ease |of |finding |answers |in |the |content-|rich |new |world |of |Help |and |Support |Center. From |one |central |location, |you |can |find |your |system |configuration, |keep |your |computer |up |to |date, |check |for |software |and |hardware |compatibility, |and |search |across |multiple |sources |of |help |and |troubleshooting |content |on |the |Web |as |well |as |on |your |computer--|quickly |and |easily! If |you |prefer |to |ask |friends |or |co-workers |to |help |fix |a |problem |on |your |computer, |just |send |them |a |Remote |Assistance |request. |Then, |with |your |permission, |they |can |use |their |own |computer |to |view |your |desktop |and |help |you |just |as |easily |as |if |they |were |in |the |same |room.
340 Enjoy |using |Windows |XP!
341 If |you |would |like |more |details |on |the |new |features |built |into |Windows |XP, |the |Windows |Start |menu |can |point |you |to |several |options. |Click |Help |and |Support |to |find |articles, |overviews, |and |tutorials |on |specific |features. Or |click |Help |and |Support |and |type |walkthroughs |into |the |Search |box |to |find |articles |that |help |you |explore. Thank |you |for |purchasing |Windows |XP |Home |Edition. |We |hope |that |you |enjoy |the |many |new |features |of |this |Windows |version.
400 Feel |the |power |of |high |performance |64-bit |architecture
401 The |64-bit |Windows |architecture |processes |extremely |large |amounts |of |data |more |efficiently. With |Windows |XP |64-Bit |Edition, |programs |can |preload |substantially |more |data |into |virtual |memory, |to |enable |rapid |access |by |the |Intel |Itanium |processor. |This |reduces |the |time |for |loading |data |into |virtual |memory |for |reading, |searching, |and |writing |to |storage |devices, |thus |making |programs |run |faster |and |more |efficiently.
402 Get |up |and |running |with |the |latest |updates
403 Windows |Update |provides |you |with |critical |software |updates |and |hardware |support |files |for |your |Windows |XP |computer. |You |can |choose |to |have |Setup |check |the |Windows |Update |Web |site |to |ensure |that |you |have |the |latest |updates |to |make |your |Windows |installation |go |smoothly. For |corporate |customers |there |have |been |great |improvements |to |the |system |preparation |tool |as |well |as |unattended |setups.
404 Try |the |easiest |Windows |yet
405 Windows |XP |64-Bit |Edition |makes |it |easy |to |manage |all |of |your |information. |We've |enhanced |the |My |Documents |and |My |Pictures |folders |to |make |them |more |useful. Integrated |support |for |Web |publishing |means |that |you |can |put |your |documents |on |the |Internet |and |get |to |them |easily |from |any |location.
406 Surfing |the |Internet: |safe, |fast, |and |flexible
407 Windows |XP |includes |the |most |secure |version |of |Internet |Explorer |to |date. |Many |new |features |help |enhance |the |security |and |privacy |of |information |that |you |send |and |receive |over |the |Internet, |while |simplifying |the |daily |tasks |that |you |perform. |New |innovative |browser |capabilities--|such |as |a |pop-up |blocker, |the |ability |to |control |plug-ins, |and |more--|let |you |experience |the |Web |exactly |the |way |that |you |want.
408 Protect |your |investment |in |software
409 We |understand |the |need |to |keep |existing |investments |in |Windows |and |Windows-compatible |software. |So |Microsoft |has |provided |the |WoW64 |emulator, |allowing |many |32-bit |programs |to |run |unmodified |on |64-bit |Windows-based |computers.
410 Use |familiar |management |tools
411 Customers |will |find |deploying, |managing, |and |administering |Windows |XP |64-Bit |Edition |easy. |Existing |Windows |deployment |tools |and |familiar |management |tools |are |used, |so |you |will |not |need |to |relearn |or |change |your |current |infrastructure.
412 Scalability |and |support |for |new |technologies
413 Windows |XP |64-Bit |Edition |supports |new |technologies |and |provides |scalability |for |your |future |computing |needs.
414 Stay |up |to |date
415 After |Windows |XP |64-Bit |Edition |is |installed, |you |won't |have |to |search |for |updates |online |to |stay |up |to |date. |You |can |opt |to |receive |update |reminders |as |often |as |you |want |to |keep |your |computer |operating |at |peak |efficiency. Most |updates |can |be |made |automatically, |without |interrupting |your |current |work |or |slowing |down |your |computer.
416 Rely |on |the |most |dependable |Windows |for |business |computing
417 Built |on |the |proven |reliability |of |Windows |2000, |Windows |XP |64-Bit |Edition |offers |features |that |improve |the |stability |of |your |computer. We've |added |features |such |as |device |driver |rollback |and |improved |device |driver |verifier. |And |we've |enhanced |features |that |protect |important |files |within |the |operating |system |from |being |deleted |or |replaced, |which |makes |Windows |XP |64-Bit |Edition |the |most |reliable |Windows |ever.
418 Experience |the |ultimate |in |safety, |security, |and |privacy
419 Building |on |the |security |of |Windows |2000, |Windows |XP |64-Bit |Edition |provides |the |latest |technologies |to |keep |your |data |safe |from |unauthorized |access. If |you |need |to |encrypt |your |data, |take |advantage |of |the |Encrypting |File |System, |which |has |been |improved |to |work |seamlessly |with |offline |data.
420 Be |assured |of |greater |accessibility
421 Windows |XP |64-Bit |Edition |provides |accessibility |features |that |make |it |easier |for |people |to |use |computers. The |Accessibility |Wizard |helps |you |customize |your |computer |screen, |keyboard, |and |mouse |to |fit |your |needs. To |make |items |on |the |screen |easier |to |see, |you |can |increase |the |contrast, |enlarge |the |text, |and |have |your |mouse |pointer |leave |a |trail. |You |can |customize |keyboard |options |and |replace |computer |sounds |with |visual |alerts. Windows |XP |also |includes |basic |utilities |that |allow |you |to |magnify |the |screen |or |use |an |on-screen |keyboard. |You |can |start |these |utilities |from |the |Utility |Manager | |even |when |logging |on |to |your |computer |by |pressing |the |Windows |logo |key |+ |U.
422 Now |it's |easier |to |get |help--|and |to |help |others!
423 If |you |need |to |find |your |way |around |Windows |XP |or |troubleshoot |a |problem, |then |you'll |appreciate |the |ease |of |finding |answers |in |the |content-|rich |new |world |of |Help |and |Support |Center. From |one |central |location, |you |can |find |your |system |configuration, |keep |your |computer |up |to |date, |check |for |software |and |hardware |compatibility, |and |search |across |multiple |sources |of |help |and |troubleshooting |content |on |the |Web |as |well |as |on |your |computer--|quickly |and |easily!
424 Enjoy |using |Windows |XP!
425 If |you |would |like |more |details |on |the |new |features |built |into |Windows |XP, |the |Windows |Start |menu |can |point |you |to |several |options. |Click |Help |and |Support |to |find |articles, |overviews, |and |tutorials |on |specific |features. Thank |you |for |purchasing |Windows |XP |64-Bit |Edition. |We |hope |that |you |enjoy |the |many |new |features |of |this |Windows |version.

COM Classes/Interfaces

There is no type library in this file with COM classes/interfaces information


Exported Functions List

The following functions are exported by this dll:
BB_Refresh GetBBHwnd GetBBMainHwnd GetPanelCount
InitBillBoard ProgressGaugeMsg SetInfoText SetProgress
SetProgressText SetStep SetTimeEstimate ShowProgressGaugeWindow
StartBillBoard StopBillBoard TermBillBoard


Imported Functions List

The following functions are imported by this dll: